Somethin'Else / Cannonball Adderley
1.Autumn Leaves 2.Love For Sale 3.Somethin' Else 4One For Daddy-O 5.Dancing In The Dark 6.Alison's Uncle

Cannonball Adderley Quintet In Chicago / Cannonball Adderley
1.Limehouse Blues 2.Stars Fell on Alabama 3.Wabash 4.Grand Central  5.You're a Weaver of Dreams 6.Sleeper
Know What I Mean? / Cannonball Adderley
Bill Evans (piano)(Piano), Cannonball Adderley(Sax (Alto)), Connie Kay(Drums), Percy Heath(Bass)
1.Waltz For Debby 2.Goodbye 3.Who Cares? (Take 5) 4.Who Cares? (Take 4) 5.Venice 6.Toy 7.Elsa 8.Nancy (With The Laughing Face) 9.Know What I Mean? (Re-Take 7) 10.Know What I Mean? (Take 12)
Reminiscence / Myriam Alter
1.Romantic Mood 2.Conversation 3.Tenderness 4.Somewhere 5.Bossa 6.What Can I do? 7.So Far, So Close at the Same Time 8.Keep Going 9.Mystery 10.Reminiscence 11.Don't Rush

Cocktail For Three / Georges Arvanitas
Georges Arvanitas : piano / Gene Taylor : bass / Louis Hayes : drums
1.Cocktail For Three 2.Everything Happen To Me 3.Algo Bueno 4.Airegin 5.Mean To Me 6.Tune Up 7.Bluesy Blues